Picking Up Trash
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Still Not Sure?  Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide a trash can?

Yes we provide new 95 gallon cans the week before your first scheduled pick up.

How do I pay?

Bills are sent out via email on the 15th of each month prior to service; the payments are due by the 5th of the next month. Payments can be made via trashbilling.com with your personal account number that is available on your bill.

Will recycle items be picked up.

At this time recycle items will not be handled separate from regular household garbage.

What day is my pickup?

Each area will be assigned a pick up day and will stay the same except for days that fall on holidays. In that case the garbage will be picked up the following day. Notifications of any changes will be posted and made available as needed.

What time will my trash be picked up.

The can will need to be visible from the road and within a reasonable distance from the maintained road at 5 AM the morning of pick up and will be picked up before sun down that day.

How many times a week will you pick up?

Pickup will be once a week. If there is not enough room in one can for your garbage additional cans are available for an extra $8 a month.

How much does it cost to have my trash picked up?

Residential - $27/ month, $81/quarter, $324/ year, sign up fees are assessed on monthly and quarterly sign ups only. Commercial - call, 910-557-0177 for pricing.

Do you pick up trash in my area?

We will service most of the rural areas of Richmond county, if you are in an outlying area of the county you can call to confirm service at your address.